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524 E Street Fairbury, NE 68352

Grooming prices are determined by the breed, size, and hair coat of the animal.

  • Small dogs that do not require a haircut average $25/groom.
  • Small dogs with haircuts average $35/groom.
  • Medium dogs that do not require a haircut average $35/groom.
  • Medium dogs with haircuts average $45/groom.
  • Large dogs that do not require a haircut average $50/groom.
  • Large dogs with haircuts average $55/groom. 
  • Giant breeds start at $60.

Call for more details or to get a better estimate of pricing.

The basic grooming package includes:

-Hydrosurge bath massage

-Brush out and/or haircut

-Pads of feet and groin area clipped

-Toe nail trim

-Ears cleaned and hair removed

-Scissor style cut

-Fluff dry and finish work

-Bows and cologne (optional)

Other Services available (Some for additional charges*):

-Dematting (required if your pet has mats in hair or a thick undercoat)

-Medicated shampoos

-Flea and tick treatment (required if your pet has fleas or ticks)(additinal charge)

-Professional deshedding treatment

-Deskunking (removing bad odors)

-Nail filing

-Toenail polish (manicure)

As an added bonus for our customers, pick up your frequent groom card where you can get $10 off your 11th groom session.

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